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The Power Box

The Power Box

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The Power Box by MEDA

Introducing the compact solution for your power needs: The Power Box by MEDA. Think of it as the more compact sibling of our Power Depot, designed for those occasions when less is just right.

Easy Installation: Receive a fully pre-built system housed in a high-quality, powder-coated cabinet. Suitable for a DIY install in sheds, tiny homes, or baches. Installation is a breeze: mount the cabinet, plug in the panels and battery, and switch it on. A connection to the switchboard by any qualified electrician, and you're set to go.

Automatic Switching: Features a 16amp plug on the side for a generator or shore power backup. The unit intelligently switches over once power is detected on the plug. It charges the battery bank and will revert back to the inverter as necessary. Plus, if you have a generator with auto-start capabilities, this unit can trigger it.

Monitoring Made Easy: A Victron Battery Monitor adorns the front door, ensuring you're always informed about your power reserves.

Built to Last: Like every product in our lineup, The Power Box stands the test of time. With top-grade components and Lithium batteries, count on this system for enduring reliability.


  • Powder Coated Steel Cabinet (600x600)
  • Two 415watt Canadian Solar Mono Solar Panels
  • 24v 2000watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Victron 100/30 SmartSolar charge controller
  • Victron BMV712 Smart Battery monitor w/ Bluetooth
  • Victron 24v 16a AC charger
  • Switchboard, 16a RCBO, and 4 pole contactor
  • 16amp Inlet Plug
  • 10m Solar extension cables with MC4 plugs
  • Mounting brackets for Solar Panels
  • Two Vision 12v 100ah Lithium Batteries (2.5kwh total)
  • Wiring diagrams, instructions, and an Electrical Code of Compliance

On average, expect up to 6 kilowatt-hours of energy generation in summer and approximately 2-3 kilowatt-hours in winter.

Lithium Advantage: Why LiFePO4 batteries? These Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are known for their longevity, stability, and safety. They outlast other types, offer consistent discharge rates, and stand up well under regular use, making them a prime choice for systems like ours.

Note: MEDA recommends engaging a professional electrician for any 230v connections. The displayed photo is for illustration. Please refer to the components list for an accurate representation of the product.


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