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MEDA 48100 LPW - Wall mounted Battery 5kwh

MEDA 48100 LPW - Wall mounted Battery 5kwh

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MEDA Powerwall Batteries

Overview: Designed with precision, MEDA batteries are our proprietary creations, offering an entire decade's peace of mind with a full 10-year warranty. At their core are A+ grade Lithium cells sourced from the renowned Gotion Tech, seamlessly integrated with a high-performance BMS by Pace.

Design & Interface: A testament to modern aesthetics, our Powerwalls boast a sleek design without compromising utility. An interactive LCD screen, intuitively placed setting buttons, and all necessary cables make installations straightforward and user-friendly.

LiFePO4 - The Preferred Choice: For off-grid solar systems, there's no beating LiFePO4 Lithium batteries. Beyond their inherent safety and lightweight nature, they promise longevity (spanning well over a decade). Their rapid charge and discharge capabilities outclass lead-acid counterparts. What's more, they can be fully discharged without causing any harm – a feat unattainable by many other technologies, which typically hover around a 50% discharge threshold. This allows for a smaller battery bank that delivers more usable power for years on end. Features like over-current, over-voltage, temperature, and short-circuit protection are built-in, ensuring your safety remains uncompromised.

Certifications & Safety: Every Powerwall is backed by MSDS, UN38.3 certifications, and a 10-year manufacturer warranty, reflecting our commitment to safety and trust.

Expandability: Flexibility at its best - these Powerwalls can be paralleled up to 14 units, offering an impressive 70kWh of storage capacity.

 Technical Specifications:

  • Model Variants: LFP48V100AH | LFP48V200AH
  • Battery Capacity: 100Ah and 200Ah
  • Nominal Battery Energy: 4.8kWh and 9.6kWh
  • Max Discharge Current: 100A and 200A
  • Weight: 68kg and 108kg respectively
  • Dimensions [HWD]: 680x495x185mm for both
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
  • Life Cycles: >6000
  • Nominal Voltage: 48Vdc
  • Communication: CAN/RS485/DRY CONTACT
  • Certifications: TUV / CE / EN62619 / IEC62040 / UN38.3
  • Warranty: An all-inclusive 10 years
  • Alerts: Highlights Battery Operation, Depletion, and System Faults
  • Distinct Features: Designed for off-grid and hybrid systems, they boast a compact form and modular expansion capabilities. BMS protection is integrated into each module, with an embedded breaker ensuring utmost safety.




Battery Capacity [Ah]

Nominal Battery Energy [kwh]

Max Discharge Current [A]

Net Weight

Dimension [H*W*D, mm]

Operating Temperature Range
-20 ~ 50 [℃ ]

Life Cycles

Nominal Voltage [V]


Certificate & Safety Standard
TUV / CE / EN62619 / IEC62040 / UN38.3

10 Years

Battery Operation/Out of Battery/System fault

Returns & Refunds

MEDA offers refunds on faulty product. MEDA does not offer refunds on change of mind.

View the full MEDA refunds and return policy.


Shipping for kits and large items is depot to depot and MEDA uses Mainfreight for majority of deliveries. Mainfreight have depots nation wide. You can view these here. For smaller items these may be able to be sent directly via courier. We will get in touch to confirm shipping arrangements. Please get in touch if you have any questions.


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