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The Power Depot

The Power Depot

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The Power Depot by MEDA

Elevate your power needs with The Power Depot by MEDA. As the beefed-up counterpart to our Power Box, it offers double the output for those situations where more is essential.

Easy Installation: Receive a robust, ready-to-install system encased in a premium powder-coated cabinet. Designed for sheds, tiny homes, or baches, it's a breeze to get started: mount the cabinet, connect the panels and battery, switch it on, and let an electrician handle the switchboard connection.

Automatic Power Management: Featuring a 16amp plug for generators or shore power backup, this unit seamlessly switches when it detects power, ensuring efficient battery charging and power supply. If your generator supports auto-start, this system can activate it.

Always In The Know: A front-door Victron Battery Monitor keeps you constantly updated about your power reserves.

Durability You Can Trust: The Power Depot exemplifies endurance and reliability. Crafted with superior components and robust Lithium batteries, expect it to serve you consistently and for the long haul.

Lithium Advantage: The Power Depot uses LiFePO4 batteries, which are pretty much the gold standard in today's energy storage scene. These Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries bring a long life, steady power delivery, and top-tier safety to the table. It's this kind of quality that sets our system apart, guaranteeing you reliability and enduring performance.


  • Prewired Powder Coated Steel Cabinet including
    • 24v 3000watt Pure Sine wave Epever Inverter
    • Victron 100/50 SmartSolar charge controller
    • Victron BMV712 Smart Battery monitor w/ Bluetooth
    • Victron 24v 16a AC charger
    • Switchboard, 16a RCBO and 4 pole contactor
    • 16amp Inlet Plug
    • Fuses and circuit breakers
    • Mounting kit for cabinet and key
    • Temperature controlled fan
  • 4 x 415watt Canadian Solar Mono Solar Panels
  • 15m of Solar extension cables with MC4 plugs
  • 2-1 MC4 Branch connectors
  • Solar PV isolator and fusing
  • 10m of 6mm earth cable
  • Solar mounting rail system for flat tin roof
  • 2x 12v200ah Vision LFP batteries connected in 24v (series)
  • 35mm Battery Cable with lugs and anderson plug attached
  • Wiring Diagrams, Instructions, and an Electrical Code of Compliance

On average, the system delivers up to 12 kilowatt-hours during summer and around 5-6 kilowatt-hours in winter.

Note: For 230v connections, MEDA strongly recommends hiring a professional electrician. The provided image serves illustrative purposes; for accurate product details, refer to the components list.


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