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The Power Plant

The Power Plant

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The Power Plant by MEDA

Introduction: Meet The Power Plant by MEDA: The next step in our celebrated Tiny Home / Bach system lineage. Building on the legacy of the Power Box and Power Depot, The Power Plant distinguishes itself with a robust 5kW inverter and a formidable 10kWh battery bank, expandable to 15kWh. 

Outdoor Durability: A unique feature? It's designed with an IP rating apt for enduring outdoor installations, ensuring your system's longevity against the elements.

Effortless Installation: Each component fits snugly, prewired and set in a durable, powder-coated cabinet, making DIY installations a breeze. Whether you're outfitting a tiny home or bach, it promises not just power but aesthetic harmony. Secure the cabinet, connect the solar panels, and you're away!

Smart Energy Management: Benefit from an enhanced 32amp inlet, facilitating smooth partnerships with generators or shore power. It's smart too; detecting external power, The Power Plant automatically toggles between charging its battery or driving your devices. Plus, with integrated WiFi monitoring, always be in the know. Access real-time data, understand your consumption, and ensure optimal usage.

LiFePO4 Battery Advantage: Our Power Plant is powered by LiFePO4 batteries, considered a cornerstone in advanced energy storage. These batteries are known for their extended lifespan, steady discharge rates, and impeccable safety standards. Not only do they offer reliable performance, but in the long run, they present a cost-effective solution, ensuring you get more bang for your buck.


Performance Metrics: With a 12 panel setup, expect up to 40kWh in summer and between 15-25kWh in winter*. (*Based on 6 sun hours in summer and 3-4 in winter.)

Recommendation: All systems are tailored to your specifications before dispatch. As always, for any 230v connections, MEDA advises involving an electrician.

Note: Images serve for illustration. For specific component details, see the provided list.


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